Welcome to Mt Olympus

Minecraft Client Version 1.12.2

All you need to join is our IP: play.mtolympus.online



Grief Protection, Jobs, Shops

Claim your own space in the wilderness, choose who can and cannot build in your plot. Earn more claim blocks with playtime. Earn ingame money with jobs that you can use in the shop, which you can access anytime!



Huge plots, WorldEdit access

Want to build something amazing where you dont have to worry about collecting resources or fighting mobs, well this is the place


Mt Olympus

Survival With Grief Prevention & Creative Plots

service 1


Build, survive, play together, play with streamers live, a special mining world reset fortnightly, work for ingame money, spend it in the shop anywhere in the world.

service 2


You cant do everything in survival, but thats ok we have a creative space just for those great builds you have in mind.

Creator Rank

To have Creator Rank on our servers, you will need at least 150 followers/subscribers, and to do a couple of streams/videos on our server.

Creators get the same privileges as Immortals

Apply For Creator

Do you come here often?

Lets keep that a thing! Donating to us helps us run more, and for longer. It also gives you some sweet perks on the server. This directly goes right back to you by keeping us online for you to play on, and new features